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LOCAL NAME:Panganoron Island
(Panganoron being the native word
for  "sky" )

AREA:401,124 sqm or 40.11 ha
or 99.12 acres

MAXIMUM ELEVATION:65 meters above sea level

OTHER PARTICULARS     :Medio Island is one of the three islands owned by the heirs of Martin Palacio, whose address is Dalupirit, San Antonio, Northern Samar, Philippines. The two other islands owned by the heirs are Rasa and San Andres Islands. All three islands are in that cluster  of islands known since galleon times as Islas Naranjos (Naranjo being the Spanish word for "orange tree").  Medio itself is at the very center of this group of islands, hence its name Medio, meaning "middle" in Spanish. The whole island group lies at the entrance from the Pacific along the Paso de Acapulco, or San Bernardino Strait. The Pacific Ocean is nearly 10 nautical miles to the ENE. The Naranjos were the watering place and victualing station for the Spanish galleons in olden times on voyage to and from Acapulco. The islands are presently utilized as coconut plantations.

ECONOMIC PROSPECTS    :Like its sisters Rasa and San Andres islands, Medio possesses its main assets: clear blue waters and white beaches of fine sand. Its beach is about 200 meters long and 60 meters wide, capped by a gently rolling hill ideal for resort cottages and appurtenances. Mainland Luzon, Samar and Masbate with their airports are only  30 minutes by speedboat and 1 1/2 hour distant by motorboats. With their coral reefs, Medio and sister islands are ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, yachting, jetskiing, parasailing and marine life observation. Medio, Rasa and San Andres Islands, are the only remaining islands of economic size with complete privacy in this area of the Philippines. As a base for island hopping, sheltered from the NE tradewinds and SW monsoon; and calm during most of the year, the islands are unsurpassed.

Medio Island has a clean title.

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